About me

She was born in Paris in 1953, and moved to Mexico by herself in 1975.
She was given the opportunity to work in a well-known French beauty salon in Mexico City, and after training and classes, she open her own beauty salon in 1980, in Guadalajara.
She was an artistic hairdresser of "Haute Coiffure Francaise" and has done several shows for L’Oreal.
In her 40's, she studied fashion design believing that beauty is « a total look » She created the wardrobe for the actress, Astride Hadad. She also created costumes, for avant-garde theater as well as for theatrical shows of « la balsa del deseo » by Shakespeare, "el mercader y su amante" by Plauto, "castigo sin venganza" by Lope de Vega and « Diego my love » (story of Diego Rivera and Frida Khalo) performed in France in 2001.
She has always had an appreciation for art, and finally found her passion in painting as a form of expression.
Her first exhibition of art was held in Guadalajara in April 2002.
She now dedicates her time to abstract impressionism, and design between Mexico and France.
We discover through her art, organic landscapes, lines of infinity, rocks, waves, views of the earth and universe into a universal expression utilizing different textures, pigments, sand, and other mediums to create her universe.

« Creativity is necessary to maintain my mind in a peaceful and ideal state looking at the world and universe in a unique way. »